Our short film SHE is finally finished!!  As a first time writer /           producer I am humbled at the talet that surrounded this project.  We are in the process of shopping it around to festivals.  We are an official selection of the VENICE SHORTS festival right off the bat!  Check back for more updates and give our Facebook page a follow to stay current on all the updates!!

SHE Short Film Facebook

Just got interviewed for Indieactivity.com to talk about my influences and process.  Check out the full interview here!!

Season 2 of EXETER is coming out in 2019 with Jeanne Tripplehorn ,  Ray McKinnon and whole mess of great talent home grown in South Carolina.

Click the poster to get yourself caught up on Season 1.

PAINTED WOMAN is available now on STARZ with Step Dawson, Kiowa Gordon and Matt Dallas.  Outstanding cast and crew out there in OK.



The reception to Kermit Clutterbucket was amazing!  Just ask Sabrina.  Yes I will say that again.  Kermit.  Clutterbucket.  I did not make that up.   Many thanks to the cast and crew of Girl Meets World for the hospitality!  Just did an interview about the experience.  Click the frog!

Get in on some of the funny with me and my pal King Jaffee Joffer on our comedy channel WHITE NOISE!